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Fireworks at Château Jemeppe during the Heritage Days

Fireworks at Château Jemeppe during the Heritage Days

On the occasion of the 22nd European Heritage Day, Château Jemeppe opened its doors to the public for two days. Large numbers of people took the opportunity to explore the castle from the inside and the outside. The event was organized by Château Jemeppe and the 'Comité organisateur des Journées du Patrimoine de Marche-en-Famenne'. Heritage Days are organised under the auspices of the Council of Europe and the European Commission.

Since Château Jemeppe is primarily a convention and conference centre, it is not normally open to the public. However, on the occasion of the Heritage Days, Saturday and Sunday became an exception to this rule. Guided tours of the castle were offered in French and Dutch and visitors had the opportunity of exploring the dungeons as well as the estate. It was also possible to book a table for dinner at the castle restaurant. The theme of the menu was a very appropriate one: 'Journées du Patrimoine' (Heritage Days).

A resounding success
The festivities of the Heritage Days at Château Jemeppe were concluded by a massive and spectacular fireworks display.
The Heritage Days at Château Jemeppe were very successful. The event attracted around 15000 visitors over the two days. Château Jemeppe was, accordingly, the most visited of all open sites throughout the entire Belgium.


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